What is an EPC?

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On the other hand, not everyone is knowledgeable about EPC. Not all people know its importance and its power towards the properties.

About Energy Performance Certificate or EPC

What is an EPC EPCAssessor.comEPC or Energy Performance Certificate is considered as a guide that buyers or tenants can acquire when they decided to check a property. This certificate is important especially to estate agents since they are the ones that deal with the buyers or tenants of a property. This certificate is the one that shows how a house consumer energy efficiently. Also, in the certificate, information like the improvement of a property’s energy efficiency and also the expenses of a house pay for are also included.

The Energy Performance Certificate was first required in April 2008 and up until now; this is a need especially for estate agents. This must be displayed inside the property in order for the potential buyers or tenants to have a quick access to the statistics about the energy efficiency of the house or property.

As for the validity of the Energy Performance Certificate, it can last up to 10 years especially if you are in Scotland.

When is the right time to get an Energy Performance Certificate?

The right time to acquire an EPC certificate London is when a property is being sold or made for leased. Also, the newly established properties must also get an energy performance certificate. The people who can get the energy performance certificate London are the landlords who are looking for tenants and estate agents and sellers who are dealing with potential buyers.

On the other hand, there are exceptions when it comes to the acquisition of the EPC certificate London. If you are renting a single room in the residence of the landlord, you don’t need to have an EPC certificate London. Also, if a commercial building is listed, it is also an exception when it comes to EPC since this kind of property cannot request for any improvements such as double glazing.

What can be seen in an EPC?

When you have an EPC certificate cost London, it is loaded with information regarding the property.

  • Rating of the Energy Efficiency
  • EPC Alterations for Tenants and Landlords
  • Running of Home Costs
  • Energy Performance Summary

An EPC certificate London is important in every property, especially to estate agents. If you are looking for reliable and professional EPC Assessors in the UK specifically in London, EPCAssessor can provide you the list of the assessors which you can consult.

Obtaining an EPC can be daunting if you don’t know how important it is to sell or rent out your property legally. Finding a certified and licensed EPC assessor is already time-consuming. So, to make the process easy for you, we offer this site as your go-to-source for your energy efficiency certification needs.

Regardless of the size and type of property you are going to sell or rent out, it is important to follow the regulations to avoid the costly penalties. Following the process also allows you to enhance the value of your investment and please your prospective buyers.

EPC or Energy Performance Certificate is a certificate you are required to obtain when you want to sell your property. It shows the records of the energy efficiency of the property, and the rating has a scale from A to G. The A indicates very efficient while the G rating shows very inefficient.

An EPC is an indicator that will show how the property practices the energy efficiency. The EPC Assessors can determine these best practices by conducting an on-site visit and evaluate every area of the home that emits carbon and energy. This certificate is essential because it can indicate whether your property is marketable or not based on the rating it will receive.

The EPC shows the actual energy efficiency rating is the measurement of the overall efficiency of the property. The higher the score it receives, the more efficient the property is, and the lower is the carbon it emits. It could also mean that the lower your fuel bills as well.

The assessors will examine every area of the property like the lighting and heating systems. The certificate will also show the potential results that the property can achieve if you are going to implement the recommendations also included in the certificate. Therefore, the document aims to improve how you use the different systems around your property for your own benefit as well.

The ratings also vary according to the property’s size, location, and condition of the entire building. The assessor will check the date when it was built as well as the factors affecting your energy consumption and number of people using it. The potential rating you can see on the certificate will take all these surrounding factors into account. The recommendations are also tailored for that particular property.

The district councils are the designated authorities who strictly enforce this regulation to ensure every landlord and property owners solely accept the responsibility not just because the law amends it, but to protect the environment as well.

To make the process of obtaining an EPC less overwhelming for you, we have a list of EPC Assessors UK who are reliable and trustworthy as they perform their duty. They are all committed to providing the best customer service just like what we also aim. Finding the appropriate professionals don’t need to be complicated. We want to help you utilize the site to select one who can provide solutions to your needs.

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