Terms and Conditions

When using the service provided by EPC Assessors or when purchasing the content from EPC Assessors, you agreed to be bounded by our terms and conditions.

You can reach EPC Assessors via contact us or by visiting us in our main office. We will provide responses to the contact information you have provided to us.

If placing an order to EPC Assessors, all information about your orders are to be discussed. If there is something unclear to you, we can provide further explanation, if necessary.

If you wish to create any changes in your order service, please contact us ahead of time. We can even make some minor changes and adjustment with any arising reasons.

We will provide you with service at the agreed time and date. We are not responsible for any delays, which may happen beyond our control. At times, we may suspend our service at times we ae dealing with technical problems or technical changes, update our service or make changes to our services, as requested by the clients.

We can even suspend the service if you are not updating your payment. We will notify you ahead of time if any of these may happen. For any of your acceptable emergencies, you have the right to suspend our service and we will pay the sum that you advanced in the service. Feel free to notify us if you wish to end the contract with EPC Assessors.