Domestic EPC certificate rating depending factors

Want to prove that your domestic property is energy efficient? If that is your goal, then acquire a domestic EPC. After all, you would be needing to have it sooner or later if you have plans of selling your property in the future.

Increase the value of your property

Domestic EPCThere is a need for you to know that an EPC assessor can provide you recommendations when it comes to improving the energy efficiency of your property and the more your property becomes energy efficient, the more its value increases. This is the reason why it is important for you to consider the suggestions given to you so that you would have an easier time selling them later on.

Provide your tenants an assurance

Even the renters deserve to live in a property with an EPC and gas certificate London. After all, it is a proof that they have rented the right space, providing them confidence and ultimate peace of mind. In addition to that, it is also a way for them to ensure their safety as they live there, especially after knowing that the assessment has been done by an accredited assessor. With that, you can also expect that they would remain as your tenant in the long term, which means that you can spare yourself from the trouble of needing to look for another tenant after the contract or your current tenant has ended.

Complete your legal requirements

It is a known fact that an EPC and gas certificate London is a legal requirement and so, there is a need for you to have it. This is where our company enter the picture. We would be providing you with a list of accredited domestic EPC assessor all over UK and you can choose the one that is nearest to your location for an added convenience. The assessor would then pay your property a visit and then collect all the data that are necessary to perform the assessment. Various energy efficiency features would be checked like whether there is proper lighting and cooling/heating system in the property or not.

Avoid legal repercussions

As you have completed all the legal requirements, then you can also prevent legal repercussions as well. After all, a landlord or a property owner who has put a property for sale or for rent without the energy performance certificate London would be fined for up to £5,000 and for sure, you don’t want to pay such amount of money just because you have failed to fulfill your obligations, right? So, stop wasting time and instead, choose an assessor from the list that we have specifically created for you.

All the energy performance certificate providers London here on our site are qualified professionals. They have undergone all the necessary training and education required from an EPC assessor. In addition to that, they always equip themselves with knowledge on the latest energy efficiency standards and guidelines to conduct accurate surveys at all times. So, acquire an EPC certification today!

Domestic EPC Certificate Rating Depending Factors

The primary purpose of obtaining an EPC or Energy Performance Certificate is to record the energy efficiency of the property. It is shown as Domestic EPCa chart and uses the similar rating system used for appliances like refrigerators and washing machines.

You will see two ratings on the certificate. The first chart shows the Energy-Efficiency Rating which is measured by your property’s overall efficiency. Having a higher score indicates that your home is more energy-efficient. Therefore, the lower is your fuel and energy bills are likely to be.

The other chart shows the Environmental Impact Rating which measures the impact of your home on the environment based on its carbon dioxide emissions. The higher score indicates that it has a lesser effect on the environment.

The ratings from these charts are according to the performance of your home and the heating systems being used, excluding the domestic appliances such as washing machines and freezers. The certificate also lists the potential rating of your home if ever all the cost-effective recommendations provided were made.

It gives you an idea what needs to be done not only to improve the rating but to ensure that your home is marketable for selling or renting. It gives the tenant or buyer a peace of mind that he or she can also save money for energy bills if the entire family occupies the property.

Several factors affecting the energy-efficiency ratings

The score varies according to the age, location, condition, and size of your home. Rooms that have higher ceilings and larger space tend to be more costly to heat. However, homes that are not detached could be easier to heat if they are centered between your neighborhoods.

Lighting and heating systems used

Specialized equipment can help you heat your home quickly and retain it longer. The modern boiler may be expensive if you are going to buy it, but it offers a cost-effective way of heating your rooms.

Other factors like the geography of the home, distance of the surrounding neighborhood, and construction of the property are no surprising reasons that can affect the state of your score. One thing you can do to enhance the rate of your property is by installing insulation if you have cavity walls. If you have a hot water cylinder, it is also useful to add insulation to the tank.

Topping up your loft insulation can also help increase your rating. Also, if you have single glazed windows, try changing it to double-glazing. If your property has solid walls, insulating them internally or externally with a solid wall may be costly. However, it is still helpful in increasing the score of your property’s energy-efficiency.

If it means that you need to upgrade your heating equipment or purchase a better one with high-quality, you may do so if you are eager to increase the value of your home. Therefore, it is vital to keep these takeaways in mind so you can find a solution before scheduling an assessment.