Commercial EPC certificate rating depending factors

All commercial property, regardless of how big or small it is, is required to have an EPC certificate London. In addition to that, believe it or not, commercial properties having it tends to look more appealing for property buyers. After all, it only goes to show that the commercial property is energy efficient and so, they can acquire huge saving when using it in terms of their electricity bills.

What are the things that are inspected?

Commercial EPCYour commercial property’s energy efficiency rating depends on a lot of factors. As a matter of fact, various physical attributes are checked like the ventilation and lighting. In addition to that, the assessor would also be checking the insulation, windows and the central heating system. Apart from that, with the fact that the materials used in constructing the establishment also says a lot about how much energy can be saved and so, the assessors assesses that as well. Hence, the more energy efficient the materials you use for your commercial property are, the higher energy efficiency rating your property can get.

What happens after the assessment?

After the assessment, all the data would then be processed in a software program that has been approved and standardized by the government. Then, the report would be drawn up and that would include the rating that your property has acquired. Upon determining that your property meets the energy efficiency requirement in this industry, you would then be provided with the energy performance certificate London, which you could then present to your prospect buyers.

Why EPC Assessors?

Experienced assessors

Experience indeed makes a big difference and the energy performance certificate providers London that we have here on our site are all seasoned and experienced assessors. They have been working in this industry for years and so, you can expect that they can conduct a survey of the property with great accuracy. Not only that, they have also earned all the necessary certifications to prove that there is no other person who suits the job better than them.

High standards compliance

The energy efficiency survey cannot be conducted by just anyone. They need to be accredited by any of the government approved bodies for it gives a guarantee that they would do their job in compliance to the highest standards in this industry. In addition to that, the process should also only be conducted by someone who is qualified for the level of the property that would be assessed. Nevertheless, regardless of what kind of commercial property you have, expect that you can find an assessor for that property of yours here on our site.

Now, if you are worried about the EPC certificate cost London, you don’t need to be. As a matter of fact, the certificate providers here on our site offers their services at a cost that you can afford. So, there is no longer a reason for your property not to have an EPC certification. So, what are you waiting for? Contact EPC Assessors today!

EPC Commercial PropertyA Commercial Energy Performance Certificate is a report that determines the efficiency of the commercial building and its premises. This efficiency is indicated by ratings from A to G, whereas the A shows the most energy efficient, while the G means the least energy efficient. It can be obtained by seeking assistance from one of our trusted EPC Assessors UK listed on this site.

Several factors are taken into account when conducting the energy efficiency assessment. While the certificate shows the actual ratings your property gets, a few actually understand the reasons for arriving on that rate. Understanding the different factors will prevent disputes and frustration, and you should also know what can and can’t be done to enhance your score.

The assessors will have to conduct a scheduled visit to evaluate the areas of your commercial property. They will then put the information they gather during the assessment in a government-approved software. It will then analyze these three main aspects:

The physical aspect of the property, how it was constructed, size, dimensions, and age.

Primarily, every commercial building’s efficiency will depend on the volume of air that needs to be heated. It means that the more is the air, the less efficient is the building. This fact can be seen in buildings that have high ceilings, but they are too pricey to heat.

The lighting and heating systems used as well as how the hot water is produced

If you are using a modern condensing boiler, then, it is a better choice because it uses its fuel efficiently. Another excellent option is to use other systems like thermostatic radiator valves, room thermostat, and those that have automatic programmers. It might be expensive to invest in some of this equipment, but it’s worth trying.

How the property conserves heat

The calculation of your score can also be determined by how the property retains heat and hot water once they’re generated. It is the reason Commercia EPC Bookingwhy the assessors also need to look at the shape and age of your commercial property. It is more expensive to heat a commercial building because most of it has ample space and not detached, unlike those residential types.

It goes without saying that other factors like location, number of occupants, and the surrounding neighborhood affects the score of the property. It is also vital that all the heating systems you are using are in an excellent running condition. Even the quality and performance of your equipment can bring a significant impact to the property’s score. You must be aware that faulty heating systems can add up to the cost of your energy bills.

If you understand each of these factors, it allows you to prepare and change your practices in using the energy on your property. It helps you get ready to market your building, and that will provide your property with a better score. A general understanding of how you will come up to that rate will give you an idea of what needs to be done to avoid a lower score.