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Why Is An EPC Necessary?

EPC AssessorIf you are planning of putting up your property in the market, then you are required legally to acquire it. As a matter of fact, it is not possible for you to advertise it for sale without it. In addition to that, it is also your responsibility to show it to the one who is interested in buying the property. On the other hand, having it would also be beneficial on your part for it provides the prospect buyer useful information about your property’s energy efficiency, increasing your chance of a successful transaction. Apart from that, an EPC certificate may also be essential if you are planning to apply for an energy grant from the government.

If you are a property owner aiming to sell or rent out your property, you are required to obtain an EPC before you start the entire process. It shows the energy performance of the building based on the rating. An EPC Assessor can help you starting from the assessments up to the releasing of the certificate.

The Department of Finance and district councils strictly impose this regulation to ensure the buyers or renters receive an efficient energy system while they occupy the building. The EPC records and provides a rating of the carbon emissions and the energy efficiency of the property. It has a scale from A to G, whereas the A indicates “very efficient” while G is “inefficient.”

An EPC, or Energy Performance Certificate, is a legal document that shows complete and accurate details about the energy performance of a property. It provides specific information on how the property was constructed or if its heating system is in excellent condition. Whether you want to sell or rent out a commercial space or a residential property, you need to comply with this requirement to make the process legal.

Aside from that, the landlord or property owner must also include the energy performance indicator he will see from the EPC in all advertising or marketing materials which include brochures, websites, and commercial media. The cost of obtaining an EPC varies according to the location, size, and type of the property.

What Does An EPC Assessor Do?

The main role of an assessor is to test the efficiency of properties when it comes to the use of energy. They would also be the ones to produce the EPC certificate London to the property owner after the property has passed the test. With the certification, the property owner can now then put it on sale or have it rented. In addition to that, an assessor would also provide reports that comes with advices on how the energy consumption in the property can be reduced, resulting to more savings in the long run.

What You Can Expect From Our Site

  • Find an accredited person for the job

Heat Lost EPC AssessorThere are a lot of assessors out there, so whom should you choose? Of course, it would always be best for you to find someone who is accredited to do the job for you and you can surely find them here on our site. After all, we see to it that the ones included on our list are all accredited. In addition to that, we also see to it that the assessors that you can find on our list offers a fair pricing on their EPC surveys.

  • Acquire an energy performance certificate

Regardless of whether you are planning to sell or rent a property, it is necessary for you to acquire an energy performance certificate. With that, we are here to help you find the assessor who can provide you the best services at the best price. As a matter of fact, we also give you the opportunity to compare quotes in order for you to find the one that would meet your budget and fulfill your needs. After the assessment, expect that an EPC and gas certificate London would be yours.

  • Get a quality survey

No matter who among the assessors on the list you have chosen, expect that you would be provided with a quality survey for you rightfully deserve it. In addition to that, it is also very much possible for you to book for it on that very same day that you have visited our site. Not only that, after the assessment has been completed, the EPC gas safety certificate London would be provided to you after 48 hours.

What Are The Services That We Offer?

  • Photography

Regardless of what kind of property you have, you can expect that our photographers can capture its best features to make it look more appealing in the eyes of your prospect buyers. In addition to that, our photographer have a lot of experience in taking photos of different properties and technical knowledge that ensures high quality photos at all times.

  • EPCs

With the increasing cost of energy, we cannot blame people who are looking for properties that are energy efficient. However, how can you prove that the one you are offering is energy efficient? You can just simply provide them an energy performance certificate London and you can find an assessor who can provide it to you here on our site.

  • Floor Plans

Floor plans is an essential thing for the sale of the property for it allows them to determine whether it can meet their needs or not and we can help you create one. We can create standard floor plans and even site plans. In addition to that, in case you already have old floor plans, we can also redraw it as well.

  • Brochures

We have talented designers here who can create beautifully attractive brochure that would surely capture the attention of your prospect buyers. The brochures that we would be providing to you would make a great marketing tool for your property. So, if you want to have professional looking yet strikingly appealing brochures, then we are the best person for you to call.

Why Choose EPC Assessor?

Our services are beneficial for a wide range of clients. As a matter of fact, it would not only benefit property owners for it would also benefit landlords, housing associations and even real estate agents. After all, an EPC certificate London makes a property more sellable. In addition to that, the EPC Assessor that you can find on our site can offer you a wide range of EPCs including domestic and commercial ones.

We also believe that communication is the key. This is the reason why our site aims to be the bridge between property owners and EPC Assessors to be able to reach and connect with each other. That way, they would be able to discuss matters pertaining to the survey process and come up with a way to make it as easy and as simple as it can be. We can definitely help you have your property assessed for energy consumption. More than anything else, we can provide you services that offers the best value of your money.

In addition to that, our site is also highly recommended by our previous clients and we feel very happy whenever they leave positive feedbacks on our site. So, if you are looking for unmatched professionalism and quality service, choose EPC Assessor.

How can EPC Assessors UK help you?

EPC rating money will insulationEPC assessors are responsible for conducting energy assessments and producing an EPC certificate based on their accreditation scheme. This document certifies that the property correctly follows the standard procedures and quality assurance. Once the property passes the tests, the owner can then sell or rent it out.

During the inspection conducted by the EPC Assessor, a few recommendations will be given to the owner to improve the property’s energy efficiency. The implementations of these suggestions help reduce the carbon emission, increase the property’s rating, and save money that goes to energy bills.

Passing the assessment and having a high rating will ensure that the property is marketable and enticing to the buyers. They will have to think that occupying your building is less costly because it is following the energy efficiency standards.

Only accredited and licensed assessors can perform the inspection to make sure you got someone who is knowledgeable in case additional recommendation are needed to run the property efficiently. Failure to obtain an EPC will result in specific penalties.

We only list accredited assessors to make sure you avail exceptional services at an affordable cost. They have valid licenses, and we ensure the documents presented to us are valid before we include them in the lists. You don’t even have to wait too long just for them to process the certification entirely because that will be provided 48 hours after the inspection.

Why do you need to obtain an EPC?

Aside from the penalties you may incur if you fail to comply with the regulation, it also provides the buyers, owners, and tenants the benefits when they have it. It allows them to view and compare the information, giving them ideas on how to conserve energy while eliminating carbon emissions from the property. It will let them consider this fact as well as the fuel costs as part of their investment decision.

The process of obtaining an EPC

As a landlord who is planning to sell your property, your primary responsibility is to ensure that you have the EPC. We offer a list of EPC Assessors UK who can make the process seamless and straightforward. They have undergone pre-qualifications and licensing process to make sure they have the knowledge to conduct the certification for every client.

EPC heat loss wallOnce you have chosen an assessor, you have to provide essential details about the property, and then, they will arrange a schedule of an on-site visit so they can conduct the assessment. The assessors will almost do the rest of the process while you only have to supply some missing information to complete the process.

While doing the inspection, they will collect crucial details that will help them identify if the property is following the standards of energy efficiency. Some of the information is how the building was constructed, number of rooms, type of the property, number of floor and its dimensions, fuel used, heating systems, and many more.

These details will be supplied to the software program used for standard energy assessment methods approved by the government. It is also used to calculate the rating of the property. From that rating, the assessors will then provide recommendations on how to improve the energy efficiency in the property.

The assessor will then lodge the EPC for registration and give you a copy. You also have the option to download another copy of the EPC from the register by using your exact address, or in a faster way, you may use the 20-digit code from your EPC certificate.

Now that the certification is complete, you can already show your EPC to your sales agent who manages the selling of your property on your behalf. He is required to include the energy performance indicator seen on the certificate on the commercial media intended for your property.

When a potential buyer inquires for the property, he must also see the EPC. The seller or agent should initiate in showing the certificate no matter the buyer does not look for it. Whenever the property is sold or rented, you also need to provide a copy of EPC to your buyer or tenant together with the other documents for selling.

As an EPC Assessor UK, we are committed to providing excellent service to ensure the process and issuance of EPC certificate is hassle-free and cost-effective. We aim to connect you with licensed assessors in the UK, so you don’t have to spend extra hours to find them anywhere. We want to give value to your investment which is why we only choose highly professional assessors who can do their duties diligently.